Calling All Kids: Annual Easter Egg Hunt

March 2, 2015 by

Kids Club Easter Egg Hunt

Our Little Sprouts and Acorn Clubbers are due for some fun at the credit union! We’ll be gathering kids club members (ages 0-12) on the front lawn of the Redmond Road Office for an Easter Egg Hunt in a few weeks.

Thursday, March 26

5:30 p.m.

Redmond Road Office

Mark your calendars now and join us for an awesome Easter Egg Hunt. There will be refreshments, eggs, prizes, eggs, fun, and plenty of eggs!

Do your kids want to participate, but aren’t members of our Kids Clubs? It’s easy to join!  Find out more about our Little Sprouts (ages 0-4) and Acorn Clubs (ages 5-12).

The branch gets a makeover!

February 23, 2015 by

At this point, it’s no secret we’ve been doing some work on our beloved Dean Street office.

Branch Roof

After being closed all last week to finish up everything, we are very excited to unveil the new look of the branch! We hope you love it as much as we do!

After Collage-01

53rd Annual Meeting

February 17, 2015 by

One of the ways we demonstrate our uniqueness in the financial services world is by holding our annual meeting with our member-owners. Everybody knows that being a member-owner is better than being just a customer, right?

On Thursday, February 12, we held our 53nd annual meeting at the Rome Civic Center. Members had a great time celebrating their credit union with delicious food by Harvest Moon, a cool gift and, best of all, cash prizes!

Harvest Moon appetizers

Harvest Moon appetizers

2014 Annual Reports are available at both NWGACU locations

2014 Annual Reports are available at both NWGACU locations

If you missed it this year, we missed YOU. We also want you to know what’s been happening at the credit union, so there are copies of the 2014 Annual Report available at both offices. We hope to see you there next year – you never know, you could be the big winner!

Annual Meeting 2015 Prize Winners

Annual Meeting 2015 Prize Winners

Get to Know the Unbelievable NWGACU Team: Daniel

February 9, 2015 by

Daniel It’s time to get to know another staff member a little better, and what better person than the newest edition to our team, Daniel! Daniel just joined our team as a teller in January 2015. He currently resides in Rome, GA. Here’s a little more about Daniel:

1. What’s your favorite food? Tamales

2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Cookies and cream

3. When you were 5 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? A firefighter

Toddler Firefighter

4. What do you like to do with 30 minutes of free time? Listen to music

5. What’s your favorite movie? The Hobbit trilogy

The Hobbit

Now that you know a little about him, we hope you’ll stop by our Redmond Road office and say hi!

Personal Finance at Any Age

February 2, 2015 by

learn.growlearn. grow. is a financial literacy program created and taught by a trained staff member at Northwest Georgia Credit Union (that would be me!). It features a series of lessons on various financial topics that gives kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade the opportunity to learn basic financial skills. Each lesson is connected to Georgia Performance Standards and teachers even have the option to customize lessons for their students.

Teaching financial literacy at the College & Career Academy

I taught College & Career Academy students all about personal finance for the real world.

I have had the pleasure of teaching financial literacy at several schools in Rome and Floyd County, and it is such a rewarding experience. Whether I’m teaching second graders about wants vs. needs or teaching high schoolers how to write a check, I find great joy in helping students see a glimpse of the real world. Lots of parents have a hard time teaching their children about money and teachers often just don’t have the time amidst all of the other important information they are teaching their students. Luckily, we are more than happy to step in as the “guest speaker.” I love working with children, and I know teachers sometimes just need a break.

Grace Rush's class at Pepperell Middle

Mrs. Rush’s special education class learned about personal finance and won lots of fun prizes!


Pepperell Middle 7th graders learned how to write checks

Pepperell Middle 7th graders learned how to write checks and fill out transaction registers.

Like I said, each lesson we teach is connected to the Georgia Performance Standards, and teachers are more than welcome to customize lessons to fit their needs. I have combined lessons and even added in new topics (I researched Opportunity Costs specifically for one class!). We are very flexible and just want to do all we can to help students get the most out of each lesson.

If you are a teacher or a parent, please feel free to check out our learn.grow. curriculum here. Teachers: please feel free to schedule your lesson today. I’m looking forward to teaching your students about money!

The Dreaded T Word

January 26, 2015 by

That’s right. We all cringe when we hear it. Taxes. Every year, we have to file taxes, going through receipts and filling out complicated forms just to sometimes find out we owe money. It’s no fun. Filing taxes might be the least exciting task we do all year, but there is one bright side. You can get a discount when you file your return, and getting a discount will always be exciting–even if it’s for filing taxes!

turbo-taxAs a Northwest Georgia Credit Union member, you can file your simple return for FREE with TurboTax Federal Free Edition or save $30 on Jackson Hewitt tax preparation.

(Not a credit union member? Check out our website to see how easy it is to become one!)

Choose the best tax filing option for you and finish your taxes early this year! Whether you prefer to self-prepare online or work with a tax professional, there is a discount for you.

Go to this link to get your credit union member discount today! Happy tax season!

Introducing: Fast Cash Loan

January 19, 2015 by

At Northwest Georgia Credit Union, we are proud to offer our members the tools they need to stay afloat financially. That is why we are very excited about our newest addition to those tools, the Fast Cash Loan.


Emergency cash—with a surprising twist

Did you know that a loan from one of those payday lenders has an effective rate of 400% or more? That’s no way to solve a cash crunch!

Since we’re a not-for-profit financial institution owned by our members, we’re only financially healthy when you are. Members like you deserve safer, smarter options for emergency cash—something that helps, rather than makes the problem worse.

With our Fast Cash Loan, you can borrow up to $500 and repay over 6 months. You pay a sensible rate of 17.99% APR regardless of your credit score. There is a $20 application fee.

Fast cash now, education for tomorrow

For a nominal fee, you can get just enough cash to make it to payday. Now here’s the kicker: we’ll give you the tools to help you create a budget and stick to it. Helping you today and educating you for tomorrow: That’s what we call un-banking, and it’s pretty unbelievable.

Below are a few additional details about our Fast Cash Loan Program:

  • Each Fast Cash loan must be paid in full before requesting another Fast Cash loan
  • Qualified members are eligible for one Fast Cash loan each six months


  • Member in good standing for at least 12 months
  • No unresolved losses to the credit union
  • Deposit accounts must not be negative (with the exception of accessing Courtesy Pay amounts)
  • Current on all loans at the credit union
  • On current job/has current source of income at least 12 months
  • Qualification will not be based on current credit bureau report
  • Fast Cash Loans do not qualify for Skip-a-Pay promotions

You benefit two ways—you solve your short-term cash problem, and you get a head start to establishing a budget and emergency fund you can build on!

How’s that for a real alternative to the payday loan trap? To apply, just call 706-291-9290 or visit your nearest Northwest Georgia Credit Union branch.

Super Bowl Party on a Budget

January 12, 2015 by

The holidays are over, things are slowing down, and you finally have a chance to relax. But before you know it, the Super Bowl will be here (it’s on February 1st)! Even if you don’t like football, Super Bowl parties are always fun, and the commercials are usually pretty good!


Some of us might still be recovering, financially, from the holidays, so we know you don’t want your Super Bowl parties to make that worse. While I can’t tell you for sure who will be playing in the super bowl, I can tell you some game-changing ideas for a great party on a budget!

  • Use coupons for items that are already on sale. // A lot of times we just grab whatever is on sale, without checking if there’s a coupon that could lower the price even more. Around this time, things like chips, dips, and drinks will be on sale, but why not take a quick search through your Sunday paper or online for a coupon that could save you a few dollars? If you’re having several people over, those few dollars could add up very fast!
  • Buy in bulk. // If you’re having a small get-together, this might not be to your advantage, but buying in bulk is almost always cheaper. Also, keep your party foods in mind when meal planning for the week ahead, and you could use up the items that you don’t use the day of the party.
  • Have everyone bring something. // Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to provide everything. Ask everyone that’s planning to attend to bring something, and that will cut your costs dramatically. Even if you make all the food and just have guests bring drinks or paper products, you would save quite a bit.
  • Don’t worry too much about decorations. // Most people don’t come to a Super Bowl party to mingle and critique how well your home matches the teams’ colors: They’re there to eat and watch football. If you do decorations (don’t feel pressured to!), don’t worry about finding things with specific team names or getting super matchy-matchy with your color scheme. If the food is good and the game is on, no one will notice. (If decorating is your favorite, check out sites like Pinterest for some great free printables!)
  • Don’t be afraid to buy generic. // Generic brand chips and drinks never hurt anyone, and, if you pour the chips into bowls before guests arrive, no one will ever know and you might save a good chunk of change.

We hope you find these tips helpful and would love for you to share your budget-friendly Super Bowl party tricks in the comments!

Easy as…

January 5, 2015 by

Pie_Web Banner-01There’s more to you than your credit score. That’s why we’re offering a new way of approving loans where we take into account the whole pie. We believe that banking is all about relationship. And, our relationship matters when you apply for a loan. We care about your financial well-being because we want to see you succeed—no strings attached. Because our members are the owners of the credit union, when you do well, we do well.  So, if you’ve been denied a loan in the past, why not give it another try? Chances are, the outcome will be different this time. With online applications and fast approvals, getting a loan at Northwest Georgia Credit Union has never been easier. Apply today! It’s as easy as, well, you know.

Do you already have a loan with us? You may be eligible to skip your January payment! Eligibility requirements and a $35 fee apply. Call today for details!

Plan Now to Save Big Next Christmas

December 29, 2014 by

Young christmas boy

The holidays are over, and pretty soon the holiday bills will be coming in. If you overspent this year, you don’t have to make the same mistake in 2015. I know Christmas 2015 seems like it’s very far away, but with a little planning now, you can avoid overspending next year.

So, where to start? First things first: you’ll want to finalize your 2015 Budget. Having a realistic budget that you stick to every month is the single best thing you can do to get off to a good start in 2015. Need some help getting started? Visit our website to download a budget template. Holiday spending should be a line item in that budget. Determine how much, in total, you can afford to spend on holiday giving. Then divide that total by 12 to get your monthly cost. Each month, stash away your monthly cost into a savings account. Or better yet, Use Northwest Georgia Credit Union’s Christmas Club. The club begins on November 1 and runs through October 31 of the following year, though members may join the club at any point in the year. Other benefits include:

• Account balance automatically sent to members on maturity, either by check or deposit into a share account
• No minimum balance
• Dividends paid quarterly (calculated on daily balance)
• Account automatically reopens for the following year, for your convenience; Deposits can be made by mail, in person, or by payroll deduction.

Now it’s time to figure out what, exactly, you’ll be buying with all that wisely-saved money. If you sketch out a list now, you can take advantage of seasonal pricing on many items. Check out this article from Consumer Reports on what time of year certain products are cheapest. Shop throughout the year to get the best prices.

If you regularly use a credit card throughout the year, use one with a low interest rate that gives you reward points for using it to buy groceries, gasoline, etc. If you shop smart all year long and pay off your balance each month, you can use those reward points to get free gifts like gift cards for family and friends. What’s better than free? If you need a simple, low rate card with great rewards, check out Northwest Georgia Credit Union’s Platinum Visa Card.

With a little planning ahead, you can save big on holiday spending in 2015. What are your ideas for saving?


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