Get to Know the NWGACU Team


For the next installment of getting to know the NWGACU team, we will be featuring Leslie Fuller, the branch manager at our Redmond Road office.  Here are a few fun facts about Leslie:

What book are you reading now? Can I have a different question please? Who has time to read?

What is your favorite cereal: Cap’n Crunch with crunch berries – I’m just a kid at heart!

What is your favorite season?I have two favorite seasons, Spring and Fall.  The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold and the weather has a gentle feel to it.

What is your favorite part of working at NWGACU?  I love working at NWGACU because every day is different. I enjoy getting to know our members and working with wonderful people.  I feel that we have great services that save people money and I love having the opportunity to offer them to our members.

What was your favorite toy as a child? I loved Legos as a child.  You could always build something that fit your own imagination and then change it as often as you wanted to.

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