Getting to Know the NWGACU Team


It’s time again to get to know more about your friends at NWGACU. This week we get to meet (or learn more about) your favorite Redmond Road Office Member Service Coordinator, Lori! She’s been a member since 1997 and we are so glad she is a part of the NWGACU team. Here are a few fun facts about Lori Nance:

1. What I do at the Credit Union: Receptionist/Member Service Coordinator

2. First concert: My daddy took my friend and me to see Alabama. It was the Southern Star tour.

3. Role model in history: Dave Ramsey

4. Favorite thing you own: I am actually reading a book entitled The 100 Thing Challenge, which is about a man in California who tried to live for a year with only 100 things. But, I really do like my car. It is a 1998 4Runner. I have been driving it since January 2001!

flying5. If I were to have a superpower it would be: Flying!!!

7. Last movie you saw: Because of Winn Dixiegardening

6. Hidden talent/little known fact: I used to cut hair. Also, I LOVE gardening. Pulling weeds, planting flowers and bulbs, digging in the dirt. Pruning! I could prune all day long!

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