Easter Egg Hunt for the Little Ones


Easter will be here in just a few short weeks — March 31 to be exact! Our Little Sprouts and Acorn Club kiddos enjoyed hunting for eggs with us on the front lawn last year, so we thought we’d do it again!


There will be money involved. Kids love candy, but they really love money.

Make plans to joins us Thursday, March 28 on the front lawn of the Redmond Road Office at 5:00. There will be different areas for each age group between the ages of 0 and 12.

Happy hunting!

2 Responses to “Easter Egg Hunt for the Little Ones”

  1. tucker Says:

    do you have to bank with nwgacu to come

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hey Tucker, this is a special event for our Little Sprouts and Acorn Club account holders. You can read more about our kids clubs here: https://www.nwgacu.org/learn-grow/What-is-learn-grow.aspx
    You are welcome to stop by the credit union to sign up before the event – we’d love to have you!

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