Do You Need a Financial Check-Up?


Some people are rockstars at managing their money, but if I had to take a guess, most of us probably fall somewhere along the lines of garage band or guy-who-knows-one-guitar-chord. Do any of these sound like you? You might need a financial check-up if…

…Your financial goals seem more like a wish list for your fairy godmother than an actual possibility.

…When you think about your debt, it makes you want to scream like a little girl.

…You wish you could save more (or any) money, but somehow things like eating and keeping the lights on take priority.

… There’s almost always more month than money.

If you’d like some free help with finding solutions, your trusty credit union is here for you.  All you have to do is stop by either NWGACU location.  We’ll give you a very short Financial Check-Up sheet to complete, give it back to us, and we’ll sit down with you and tell you what solutions we recommend. Don’t worry–we won’t get into investing and other rockstar-eqsue things. We’re talking real money, real people, and real solutions.

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